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[SK] qntm: 'my team is the best in Germany'

By Maximilian 'pOizoN' Roller
Recently, the manager of our console BlackOps team, qntm got interviewed by fragster.de about the recent joining into SK Gaming...

The known scene website fragster.de features since a few weeks a new console selection additionaly to the known content. Straight after the opening, SK.console Black Ops manager Brian 'qntm' Krämer was interviewed about the recent join into SK Gaming and his job at the famous German casting website Gamesports. Additionally, he explains vicariously the aims of thhe team for the upcomong offline and online events.

Your ex-organization, dzs.beyerdynamic enjoys a well reputation within the community and is indisputable one of the best German console organizations, what had you ultimately therefore led to a change of scenery ?

"On the one hand, SK Gaming is certainly the #1 desired target for everyone in the eSport and on the other hand, the offer couldn't have been denied as it just was perfect for us."

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