Mw3: 4on4 HC SnD Quick Cup #1
Just like the old saying: You get what you ask for. And due to the community giving us requests we decided that it was time for a little change in the EU area.
That's why the first hardcore SnD Quickcup will take place.

MW3: Something different

It's time to give our HC Player a game mode which finally fits their playstyle. We wanna present the 4on4 HC SnD Quick Cup.
Attention! We wanna give you something completely different!

You will play Bo1 (Best of 1 Map) in the first rounds until the semifinal and we will post the maps which you will be play.

There will be only one team victorious and every failure will hit you hard.
In the semifinal you will be playing Bo3 (Best of 3 maps). The first map will be announced by the admin team and the second map the looser of the first map. The last map if neccesarily by the winner of the first map.

In the final and third-place play-off we will switch to Bo5 (best of 5 Maps) and you will play like the semifinal and switch the mapchoice until a winner is decided.
This cup will start on 1 May from 6 p.m. CET.

We like to hear your feedback at the bottom of this news and hope that many teams will participate in this new cup version.

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 Mw3 4on4 Hardcore Search and Destroy Cup - rules

Note: This Cup has the Check-In-System

<<>> SETTINGS <<>>

If there are problems during the tournament send a Support Ticket to our admin staff.

Your Consoles.Staff Team
NiTeCRawLeR, Friday, 27/04/12 18:39
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Sign up date is wrong.... cant sign up....
thanks I changed it
Schlumpfine wrote:
thanks I changed it

thanks :)
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