MW 3 EU presents the "MMC"
We have great news for you. At the moment there is not much activity in the 1on 1 Domination Ladder and exactly this fact we would like to change. We are starting this event and here we go... the slogan is playing, playing, playing.

MMC at MW3

To activate the league we decided to start a "Most Matches Competition". The intention is finding the person who played the most matches within 4 weeks. As usual you will play in the 1on1 Ladder. Who hasn`t joined the Ladder yet, just sign in and play with us.

Start: June 1, 6 p.m. CET

End: June 30, 6 p.m. CET

The winner earns one month CSL Premium Membership and of course the points of the ladder.

Sign up 1on1 Ladder Xbox 360

Sign up 1on1 Ladder PS3

Your Consoles.Staff Team
NiTeCRawLeR, Friday, 11/05/12 00:33
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