MW3: 2on2 HC SnD Special Cup
Now it's the 2on2 players Turn. But in a normal way it would be too easy. So we made-up something for the 2on2 players/teams, which is going to be very interesting.

MW3: Special Cup

A 2on2 HC SnD Quickcup with fixed weapons! You will have to choose one of two primarys and your favourite pistol. So in this cup only MP7 or M16 will be played. Which one you choose is up to you, you can play both M16 or MP7 just as you can play M16 while your teammate is playing with his loved MP7. But more is NOT possible. You can rush to push the enemy in the fire of your teammate to triumph over your opponent .
So look for a teammate or take your already existing team and sign in.

 Mw3 2on2 HC SnD Cup - rules

Note: This Cup has the Check-In-System

<<>> SETTINGS <<>>

If there are problems during the tournament send a Support Ticket to our admin staff.

MW3: Admins Wanted!

The Consoles Sports League is still searching for voluntary admins who are very interested in e-Sports and like to support their game actively. Are creativity, endurance and patience a part of your characteristics? Then being admin is the job for you!

You should be / have minimum 18 years
good English in writing (and speaking)
sense of responsibilty, reliability
team integrity / conciliation of conflicts /
knowledge about the game

If you feel attracted to become an admin and the requirments are fulfilled, then apply via the:

admin application EU

Your Consoles.Staff Team
Schlumpfine, Sunday, 06/05/12 18:33
comments (2)
yaaayyyyyy good work
Admins wanted: NO! Admins NEEDED who CAN speak english and have knowledege OF the game plz can the Admins stop using google translate its confusing
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