2on2 SnD "New Maps Cup"
Because there is a lot of variety here, it's time for something new again. Since Modern Warfare 3 was released, only 6 new maps for elite premium members occured. Now it is time to gain a closer look at them. This cup is the perfect chance to do that.

MW3: The New Maps

Gone with the standard - upto something new. Piazza, Liberation, Overwatch, Black Box, Sanctuary and Foundation. Melodic names that are waiting for you to get explored. No matter if streetfight in little Italy, a battle above of the rooftops New Yorks or the conquest of a greek castleruin. Here you have to prove who rules the new maps best.

This cup will start on May 15, from 7:30 p.m. CET.

We like to hear your feedback at the bottom of this news and hope that many teams will participate in this new cup version.

MW3: Sign up

 Mw3 2on2 Search and Destroy Cup - rules

Note: This Cup has the Check-In-System

<<>> SETTINGS <<>>

If there are problems during the tournament send a Support Ticket to our admin staff.

Your Consoles.Staff Team
NiTeCRawLeR, Saturday, 12/05/12 10:22
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like! :D
Hoffentlich melden sich welche im PS3 Bereich.
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