MW3: 1on1 Type
We’re starting something new this time. This Saturday cup is fort the 1on1 players among you. Who won the last cup and what’s new in this cup, you’ll find out in these news.

MW3: Team Deathmatch Cup

That the 1on1 players are wanted on Saturdays isn’t something new. And due to the type being controversial we decided to start the 1on1 cup in the Team Deathmatch game mode. Don’t hesitate to sign up. The cup will take place on the 12th of May at 7pm CET. The player needs 2 points to win the match, so two won maps (bo3). You may choose the maps you would like to play on.

 Mw3 1on1 Type Cup - rules

Note: This Cup has the Check-In-System

<<>> SETTINGS <<>>

If there are problems during the tournament send a Support Ticket to our admin staff.

MW3: 1on1 SnD Cup

Last saturday there was a great fight for place nr. 1 on the 1on1 snd cup. We congratulate the winners.

MW3: Hall of Fame

You can find your played cups in the hall of fame of Xbox 360 and PS 3.

have fun with this cup

Your Consoles.Staff Team
Schlumpfine, Thursday, 10/05/12 14:00
comments (2)
I see you took my advice! ;) Cant wait for the cup! :)
i hope you get it to check in :)
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