MW3: 4on4 RG Quick Cup
This time something special. The admin team want the community to be pleased so we proudly present the 4on4 RG Quick Cup. We hope that many teams participated in this new cup mode even if this is something new.

MW3: 4on4 Random Gen

This cup is experimental und we like to introduce you the new game mode Random Gen some teams might not ever encounter this mode until now.

You will play along with the decerto v4 ruleset. It allows you almost the same settings as you know from the RG 4on4 Ladder. Only small changes in the ruleset with give you a fine gameplay feeling.

 Mw3 4on4 RnG Cup - rules

Note: This Cup has the Check-In-System

<<>> Decerto v4 Rulesetting <<>>

MW3: Support

If there are problems during the tournament send a Support Ticket to our admin staff.

We like to hear your feedback at the bottom of this news and hope that many teams will participate in this cup.

Your Consoles.Staff Team
Gravity, Monday, 14/05/12 12:17
comments (1)
Yea this is a good idea and it will certainly attract teams. Even if you presented a small prize for the winning team this cup would be likely to attract players from across europe because you could advertise this cup on decerto.net ;)
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