The 3on3 hot days cups are over
The 3on3 SnD Deadline Cup is finished after 3 months.
34 Teams signed up for the core tournament, more than double the ammount of teams from the 3on3 Kill Confirmed Cup. 23 Teams signed up for the HC cup.
Find out who were 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each cup in the news below.

MW3: The cups

The cups began on Monday, the 4th of June 2012 at 8pm, with more defwins being awarded in the core cup than in the HC cup.
The core cup had a lot of gripping matches. But the two winners of the cups were always in the winner bracket. The second placed team had to fight through the loser bracket after the semi final all the way to the finals. The third placed team lost the winner bracket final and won placed 3rd.

MW3: Core cup


Monday, 20/08/12 20:00
Status: closed

 Team unico (#1)[13:8] in Memory of ze.. (#2)

Overall Final:

Monday, 13/08/12 20:00
Status: closed

 Team Invaders (#3)[0:1] in Memory of ze.. (#2)

Congratulations plan-B unico.

MW3: The hardcore cup

This cup also had many gripping matches. The second placed team of the core cup won the hc cup. They managed this win without losing once. The second placed team of this cup was the third placed team oft he core cup. After the quarter final the team lost and had to fight through the loser bracket.


Monday, 06/08/12 20:00
Status: closed

 in Memory of ze.. (#1)[16:4] Team Invaders (#2)

Overall Final:

Monday, 30/07/12 20:00
Status: closed

 www.Flames-From.. (#3)[0:1] Team Invaders (#2)

Congratulations team zero.exQuse.

MW3: The PS3 core cup

This cup wasn't as interesting as the xbox cup because there were only 4 participants in the core cup. The HC cup couldn't take place due to the lack of participants.


Monday, 25/06/12 20:00
Status: closed

 Team ZeRo_eSpor.. (#2)[9:16] inactive.Panthe.. (#1)

Overall Final:

Monday, 18/06/12 20:00
Status: closed

 Team ZeRo_eSpor.. (#2)[11:8] Exiled Cup Team (#3)

Congratulations Team rising.QuaLity CoD.

MW3: Hall of Fame

Your Consoles.Staff Team
Schlumpfine, Saturday, 08/09/12 16:42
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