Consoles Presents: The new BO2 class system!
Black Ops 2 developer Treyarch has created a new class system together with BO2 super advisor and former Call of Duty pro player Mike 'hastr0' Rufail. The MLG commentator tried to integrate a lot new aspects to bring up the competitive side of Call of Duty. One of these is the class system. Check it out!

10 points system

Black Ops II is only some weeks ahead and today, we want to start taking closer looks at the game itself. But what's new? One of the major changes from previous Call of Duties to Black Ops II is the new class system or 10 points system. What does 10 points system mean?

Well, in former titles of Call of Duty you had the chance to choose a weapon, the attachement for it, then of course the secondary weapon and three perks. This entire system got renewed! From now on, you have 10 points for each class you are creating. Each choice will deduct one point. So for example you decide to play with the M8 as primary weapon. This means you have 9 points left. Now, you can pick one or even two attachements for this primary weapon or even play without any. According to how much you decided to play with, you have 7,8 or nine points left for the rest. Then, you can make the same thing for your secondary weapon. Afterwards, you can decide on your three perks and the grenades as per usual. Remember that you lose one point by each perk, grenade, weapon or attachement you pick up. There are 10 points you can use overall.


It's getting interesting by the wildcard system. For one point each, you can select wildcards which allow you to get another Perk 1, Perk 2, Perk 3, a grenade, a second primary weapon (Overkill) or a third attachement for one of the weapons. But be careful! You lose a point by taking the wildcard and another one for selecting the perk, weapon or grenade.

Advantages of the 10 points system

The new system brings a whole new variety to the game. Depending on what type of player you are, you can pick 6 perks without having a gun, 2 primary weapons or three attachements on one of the weapons. This means that every player can specialize on being an allrounder, a flag carrier or a defender.


Do you have any questions left regarding the 10 points system? Feel free to comment below and ask your question. We will gladly answer them as soon as possible.

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