Go4BO2 goes into 3rd Round!
dzs.TurtleBeach and French team Supremacy have already got their spot in the monthly final of Call of Duty's Go4 on Consoles.net, being the winners of Go4BO2 #1 and #2. This Sunday, it is your chance to get your spot as well. Win 125€ and get the chance to win another 500€ in the monthly final. Here#'s what you need to do to sign up.

Go4BO2 #2 09/12

Go4 Series are special cup series with prize money. From now on there will be one cup each week where you can earn prizes and points to qualify for the monthly finals. Each week top 64/128 teams, depending on cup size, will receive points and the Top 8 teams with most points at the end of the month will qualify for the monthly finals where they will get a chance to fight for a 500€ prize money.

This week's Go4BO2 Cup

Sign up now!
Sign up until Sunday, 14:29 CET
Date: Sunday, 9th December
Start: 15:00 CET
Size: 128/256 teams
Structure: Single Elimination

Basic rules:

Maps: Fixed maps per round
Teamsize: 4on4 Competitive
Mode: Best of Three
Settings: Rules and Settings


Beginners guide to sign up:

Register on CSL
Enter a contact method (Skype, IRC, etc.) 
Click the sign up link!

Sign Up Go4BO2 #4 23.12
Sign Up Go4BO2 #5 30.12

Go4BO2 Portal

Prize money and ranking points distribution

Go4 Cup on Sunday
1st 100 points + 125€
2nd 75 points
3rd 60 points
4th 40 points
5th-16th 25 points
17th-32nd 10 points
33rd-64th 5 points
Go4 Finals
1st 250€
2nd 150€
3rd 100€

Ranking points for a cup of 128 teams. Ranking points may differ depending on cup size.

We wish all teams the best of luck in the Go4 Cups and we are looking forward to a lot of new teams and players competing for the prize money in the Go4BO2 Cups.

Thank you very much, Hauppauge!

Right from the CoD:BO2 Opening Cup Hauppauge was supporting us in bringing you cups with prizes, prize money and a lot of action. If you like this support and the Go4BO2 series, show it to them by giving them a like on Facebook. They really deserve it!

See you on Sunday,

Your Admin Team
qntm, Friday, 14/12/12 15:02
comments (2)
Does this cup has to be played at 15.00? or at any time after 15.00 on a Sunday?
yh, this is the time where most people are able to play.
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