Introducing Dust514 to CSL!
Already in its open-beta phase, dust mercs are gearing up to tear new eden apart and CSL will be with them every step of the way.

What is Dust514?

Dust514 is an upcoming free to play MMOFPS from CCP, creators of EvE Online.

Dust514 takes place in the massive, persistent EVE Universe which has been thriving for nearly ten years, It contains hundreds of thousands of EvE Online players spanning thousands of solar systems and individual planets. A war in the EvE Universe could involve tens of thousands of players at once.

The game can currently support 16v16 matches in a single battle in a single district on a single planet and there can be multiple battles on a planet happening simultaneously, impacting each other in real time.

CSL is pleased to announce that it will be supporting Dust514 and its community starting with hosting Kain Spero's Chromosome Cup, a corporation focused tournament boasting both an ISK prize pool and a multitude of extra prizes hosted by the dust community, ranging from in game items to PSN codes.

The details of the tournament will be explained in its own news article, but those eager to participate should check out the links below.
DrakeIddon, Sunday, 07/04/13 00:53
Community spotlight - Kain Spero's tournaments
Dust514 Homepage
Tournament thread on Dust514 forums
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