*UPDATE* Announcing the Chromosome Cup!
Teaming up with Kane Spero, CSL is proud to announce it's opening Dust 514 cup!

Dust 514 Chromosome Cup

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Signup: Signups Closed
Cup Period: 20/04/13 - 04/05/13
Slots: 4
Mode: 8v8 Corp Battle, Single Elimination
Support: via Support ticket
Match Mode: Best of one, single elimination
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Rules: Ruleset (subject to change)
Schedule (Default dates)

20/04/13 Semi-finals
27/04/13 Finals


PSN Card or Merc Pack Community Prizes Sponsored by Sentient Archon and the Galactic News Network

Team Prizes
PlaceTeam Reward
1st $100 in PSN Cards or Merc Packs

Individual Prizes Sponored by Kane Spero

Most kills in a Single Match 1 Merc Pack and a Dust 514 T-Shirt
Most War Points in a Single Match* 1 Gurista Saga Pack and a Dust 514 T-shirt
Most confirmed Orbital strike kills in a single match 1 Plex to the firing Pilot

*The highest warpoints prize winner cannot be the same as most kills winner

Special Community Prize sponsored by JL3Eleven

"Please try harder award" 1 GameStop Merc pack


The Galactic News Network will be providing coverage of the cup, check them out above!
DrakeIddon, Wednesday, 10/04/13 11:30
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Great news for a good game.
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