Announcing the Squad Cup
Think you have what it takes to take home some rare weapons and suits?

Announcing the Dust 514 Squad Cup!

Dust 514 Squad Cup
EU Signup:    Signup now
NA Signup:   Signup now
Asia Signup: Signup now
Cup Period: 02/11/13 - 03/11/13
Slots: 32 per region
Mode: 6v6 Domination, Single Elimination
Support: via Support ticket
Match Mode: Best of one, Best of three finals
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CCP Announcement
Rules: Ruleset
Schedule (Subject to change)

02/11/13 19:00 Round 1
20:00 Round 2
21:00 Round 3
03/11/13 19:00 Round 4
20:00 Finals

NA - EDT (UTC-4)
02/11/13 19:00 Round 1
20:00 Round 2
21:00 Round 3
03/11/13 19:00 Round 4
20:00 Finals

Asia/Pacific - UTC+8
02/11/13 20:00 Round 1
21:00 Round 2
22:00 Round 3
03/11/13 20:00 Round 4
21:00 Finals


Prize list per region

Team Prizes
PlaceReward per player
1st15 Officer weapons of choice
30 Quafe scout suits
15,000,000 ISK
2nd10 Officer weapons of choice
20 Quafe scout suits
10,000,000 ISK
3rd*5 Officer weapons of choice
10 Quafe scout suits
5,000,000 ISK

(*Third place prize will only be available if a region has over 8 teams)
DrakeIddon, Wednesday, 09/10/13 17:36
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comments (8)
I'm having a great deal of trouble trying to enroll my team and register it. You guys could have made this easier by providing instructions for this website.
Yeah, I agree Burns. This website is awful. I think I'm signed up but honestly I am not 100% sure....
I agree to that, half of my team can't even sign up!!!
Terrible website is terrible. I know I'm on a team at least, and am getting emails, but finding out when the match is makes me want to punch babies.
I thought it was easy to get everything done. However I will admit that it sucked trying to find the time of the matches. But way better then the last CCP tourney site.
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