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With the CSL Gather System you can find friends and like-minded people to play with. It is not focused on the competition but more on the fun and social part of gaming. It is a system with which you can find other players with whom you can play, not matter if you are have a team, no team or half a team. No matter if you are looking for a friendly match, a practice match, a 1on1 or a mixed team match.

More information can be found at /eu/faq/gather/

Can I file a protest for gathers?
No, as their is no competition you can not file a protest.

Do you get penalty points when you leave a gather?

Will insults in gathers be punished?
Every action taking place on the CSL website (Gathername, Gather chat windows (Pre-Chat) and Gather ratings) will be punished in case of an insult.
In-game insults however will not be prosecuted because the respective server admin is responsible and this is out of range of the CSL .

The Chat in the pre-match channel does not work!
Please download the latest Java Version and install it.

Is the System only for Premium members?
Everyone can use the CSL Gather System and play up to 20 gathers a week. When you want to play more gathers you will have to be a Premium member. The 20 gathers relates to pre-match channels you join and not actual finished gathers.

Do I have to be in a CSL league to play in a gather?
No, everyone can play.

Will the game automatically start?
No, the game and the gameserver will have to be started manually.

Can barred players play in a gather?
Every gather creator can choose whether to allow them or not.

(Counter-Strike) Can CSL Wire Anti-Cheat be used in gathers?
Yes, but the one who creates the gather needs to be a premium member.

(Counter-Strike) I think my opponent cheated what can I do?
The anti-cheat team only works on these kind of cases in the leagues and tournaments. But even so the CSL Gather system is still a lot more cheater safe then the gathers which you start on irc channels etc.

Where can I get more information?
You can try visiting the CSL Gather Forum, if you still can find help there you can contact CSL Support.

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