Tuesday, 25/09

FIFA 12 (PS3) | 15:26
FIFA 12 Goodbye Cup winners.Last weekend, we officially sent FIFA 12 to retirement by hosting a Goodbye Cup. Today, we want to give a shout out to all the winners of the PS3 and XBOX cups and gain some feedback from all the players to improve for next time. However, it doesn't mean the end for FIFA 12. You can still play in the ladders and we might be hosting cups from time to time as well.

Wednesday, 12/09

FIFA 12 (PS3) | 13:42
FIFA 12 Goodbye CupsThe FIFA 13 demo is already released and the release of the final version is only a few days away. To not forget FIFA 12 so easily we decided to host a Goodbye Cup fr FIFA 12 on PS3 and XBOX 360 including some Consoles Premium prizes. Go check it out!

Tuesday, 28/08

FIFA 12 (PS3) | 19:44
FIFA 12 One-Day-Cups on Friday!FIFA is one of the most successful console titles in the world. Not only for casual gamers, but also in terms of competitive gaming FIFA is massive. It is also a big part of the Consoles Sports League. Therefore, we want to hold a One-Day-Cup on Friday, 31.08, starting at 7pm (GMT+1).

Wednesday, 16/05

FIFA 12 (PS3) | 19:00
Official Channel of Console FIFAWe would like to announce how we want to increase the number of matches on Console...

Sunday, 06/05

FIFA 12 (PS3) | 23:54
Bigben Interactive FIFA12 Cupevents finishedWith a few delays because of CSL Timeout, Easter and some minor problems the Bigben Interactive FIFA12 Cupevents are finished. We had great expectations when we started the Cups, because we had 158 participants in the PS3 Section and 114 participants in the X-Box Section. But just a few days after we started the Cups, we had the first disappointments. A large bunch of players were absent and not present to their first matches, so we had a lot of work to do with DefWins. In the other weeks we had also several times the impression that some matches delayed artificially, in order to get a DefWin. That's not sportsmanlike. But finally these Cupevents are finished and we're presenting the winners and their profits.

Tuesday, 13/03

FIFA 12 (PS3) | 01:39
FIFA 12 Weekend Cup #1We introduce the 1st Weekly that intends for players to compete to further there chances of getting the cup awards! The aim of these cups is to play them, all in one weekend. So it will be a lot of matches, in a short space of time. So only sign up if you can go the distance!

Monday, 24/10

FIFA 12 (PS3) | 13:59
FIFA 12 Opening Cups start!It's getting tougher in the FIFA 12 league! We start our first FIFA 12 cups on Xbox 360 and PS3. 116 1on1 PS3 and 75 Xbox players and 21 and 28 2on2 teams signed up. Show your opponents what you're made of. Good luck and have fun!

Wednesday, 12/10

FIFA 12 (PS3) | 13:22
Get ready for the FIFA 12 Opening Cups!It's getting tougher in the FIFA 12 league! We're inviting you to express your passion for the game in our first FIFA 12 cups on both Xbox 360 and PS3. Show your opponents what you're made of. Sign up now for our FIFA 12 Opening Cups on Xbox 360 and PS3!

Wednesday, 05/10

FIFA 12 (PS3) | 16:05
FIFA 12 XP Boost and Most Matches Competition!This weekend will be awesome for all FIFA 12 players! XP Boost and a Most Matches Competition are coming! Be the most active player, get double XP-Points and win premium prizes! Have fun!
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