Ty Walton about the FIFA 13 demo!
Ty Walton is the current UK Champion of the FIFA Interactive World Cup, a kind of World Championship of FIFA. As one of the most experienced FIFA players in the world, he gave us his opinion on the Demo of FIFA 13 that has just been released.

What has changed?

Having played the FIFA 13 demo, I can say that numerous things have changed from the last title. Now the main difference, from us competitive players, is the fact that the skill dribbling also known as the 'Running Glitch' has been massively toned down. Don't get me wrong, it's still in the game, but I feel it’s not going to have much effect at all this year.

Next up has to be the 'First Touch' feature EA have introduced into the game. This has been added because; let’s face it, in real life football you don’t see a player bring the ball down running at full speed. Whether it’s a fast pass or a lofted through ball. In real life it's the ball can bounce off the player's foot and not give them full control. This is why EA have introduced 'First Touch' this year.

The final major change I have noticed from playing the demo is just how good the passing is. Finally, I think we could have the first year where the likes of Barcelona & Spain are playable in the FIFA series. The way the players move from each pass and get themselves into position allows more space to be created which is vital on the football pitch.

With the new attacking intelligence the forwards time runs to perfection which enables you to play the perfect through ball through your opponents defence.

Ty 'Ty' Walton (right) at the FIWC quarter-finals


Final thoughts

I'm really looking forward to the final version of the game to be released because as we all know, demos aren't the same as the real game but what I can say is, from what I've heard off various players that have played a more up to date version, is that it’s only an improvement of what we have played already.

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nice overview Ty :)
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