Compete for €5,000 in our GoME competitions powered by WB Games
The Guardians of Middle-earth are attacking Consoles for a week now. This battle will continue through winter: We are proud to announce WB Games as our official partner for Guardians of Middle-earth here on Consoles. In partnership we are going to hold several competitions featuring glorious rewards.

Guardians of Middle-earth competitions on Consoles

We will release further details on the upcoming competitions during the next weeks. But for now you can have a sneak peek on what is to come:

  • A-Series Championship
    In January an A-Series will start for Xbox 360 and PS3 each. The best teams will meet in a final cup, where they compete for 1,000 Euro each

  • Cup Series
    The Cup Series will feature four cups per month from January to March, where you can qualify for a monthly final. The best teams will playing for 500 Euro each on Xbox 360 and PS3.
Until then Consoles offers a whole set of challenges for you to prepare fight as one of over 20 iconic heroes and villains from Middle-earth. Read more in this news.

Guardians of Middle-earth

Find more information on guardiansofmiddleearth.com

Stay in touch with Guardians of Middle-earth and chances to find the right kind of competition right here on Consoles.net for both Xbox 360 & Playstation 3.

Guardians of Middle-earth tournaments are powered by

Good luck and have fun with Guardians of Middle-earth.
otacon, Tuesday, 11/12/12 13:10
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sounds great ! get a xbox live dashboard news ^^
Future tournaments NEED to be 3-lane, a true MOBA 5v5 competition has to be 3-lane. It's all about team skill, and 1-lane tournaments is not the way to build this awesome games potential.
1Lane ?
Each 5on5 tournament and ladder will be 3 Lane only because this is the essence of MOBA and not the well known ARAM mode.
probaly 3lane because 1 lane would be too unbalanced.
That is a joke with this dc Problems !
Can players from the US join this tourney or its only allowed for countries outside of the US?
How Do We Sign up for this
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