Better view on the brackets: new feature for cups
Today we present you a few, but nice, improvements to the cup system. Big tournament trees, like the Go4 cup, are getting confusing very fast, which is a problem on big cups. It gets really bad when you have a double elimination bracket, but with the new functions everyone can find out who is in which round and you have a really good overview over the tournament itself.

The new Cup System

Single rounds can be hidden
The progress of each contestant is visible
All matches of each contestant are listed
Example: Single Elimination / Team / Double Elimination / 1024 Cup with 3rd place

The new design works in all cups and is already active global. This also counts for cups in the past. If you find any bugs or have ideas how to improve it even more, just let us know in the comments.
bLackhawk, Thursday, 30/08/12 12:37
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